not able to view shares at all

Todd Warfield hafnium at
Wed Dec 3 23:31:57 GMT 1997

I have had about enough headaches with this and am resorting to trying
to finding a solution from someone that may know how to fix this.
I have samba running on a linux box, and have a win95 machine on
the network that i'm trying to set up authentication with it. 
  here's the problem. I cannot log in at all. It comes up saying
"incorrect parameter" every time. However, i can cancel, and see
the samba server listed in doing a "find" for the computer, but
cannot browse to it at all. I have tried just about every thing
possible and am about to give up. The diagnosis from the linux
end sees everything just fine.
  The log.nmb shows the domain request coming in... but
stops after that. It only shows such:
  Domain request for user George Token "ffff"

i hope someone out there can help...


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