Why \pipe\MKSPipe ?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Tue Dec 2 18:45:00 GMT 1997

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Mike Black wrote:

> I've got Source Integrity installed on our network and at least one person
> is having a problem checking files in.

oo.  sounds interesting.  what is it exactly?  do you have to install 
anything on the server?

> A tcpdump shows that the client is trying to open \pipe\MKSPipe (MKS is the
> Source Integrity Manufacturer).  SAMBA (of course) replies with:
> SMBError = ERRSRV - ERRaccess (The requester does not have  the  necessary
> access  rights  within  the specified  context for the requested function.
> The context is defined by the TID or the UID.)

> Since \pipe\MKSPipe is NOT one of the standard pipes mentioned in ipc.c (I
> guess LANMAN is the only one) does anyone have ANY idea of how I fix this?

he he.


\pipe\MKSPipe would appear to indicate that this product must have a 
server-installation.  i.e you can only run it on an NT or W95 
workstation.  this looks like it might be a proprietary setup, basically, 
that stops you from running off of anything but windows.

issue 1) could you possibly do an installation on an NT server or NT 
workstation, and run a packet trace for me (use tcpdump).

part 2) could you contact MKS on my behalf (as you are the paying customer,
who has bought a product expecting it to perform) asking the following

1) is there a server-side component to Source Integrity, or is their 
product only expected to run on windows?

2) a) do they have a unix version? b) would they _like_ to have a unix 

3) if the answer is no to 2), can they publicly release the \pipe\MKSPipe 
specification, as it would make it easier to implement.  only ask them 
this if it's important to you that samba is used for your Source 
Integrity repository.  if it's worth a lot to you, perhaps we could come 
to some arrangement about implementing this pipe.



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