smbtar and passwords

Martin Mielke martin at
Thu Aug 28 18:11:12 GMT 1997

Hello (again) everybody,

I'm using smbtar (from Samba 1.9.16p11) running on a SGI under IRIX 6.2
to create backup files from our NT and Win95 machines. To achieve this I
had to create a user "root" on the NT box (just to let "root" do all the
important tasks :) ) with a password.
The process is launched by a cron every night but I find the way to use
smbtar a little bit 'clumsy', as I have to provide both username and
password (SAMBA_PASSWD_STRING) on the cronfile  and this is visible to
everyone with root-access to the system. As example take a line like
this one:

smbtar -s ${PCBOX} -x ${SHARE} -d ${DIRECTORY} -t

By now the root passwd for the IRIX box running the backup cronjobs is
unknown for the rest but I guess there are some other ways to solve it
more cleanly and I'd appreciate all kind of help.

Best regards and thanks in advance!

Martin Mielke			 martin at
Jaleo Crew - SysAdm	   voice: ++34 (9)28 262299

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