Connecting from UNIX to PC boxes

Martin Mielke martin at
Wed Aug 13 13:34:57 GMT 1997

Hello again,

I use Samba 1.9.16p11 to interconnect a mixed network of IRIX 6.x, Win95
and WinNT boxes.
After going through the DIAGNOSIS.txt file and finishing the tests with
success, it seems that Samba is installed correctly ;)
The PCs can see the Samba server without problems. A user can use the
shared resources, make copies, delete files/directories, etc. I can
'mount' UNIX resources to the PC as described in STEP 9 of INSTALL.txt:

	net use d: \\servername\service

I even also found the way to solve my problems with smbtar and works
fine by now.

What I would like to try is the other way around and therefore I would
like to know if there's a way to connect with the PC from the UNIX box
and treat it as it were a directory.

Any help/examples on it are welcomed! personal email also appreciated.


M at rtin
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