Pointing your Win95/WinNT Desktop directory to an SMB share?

Arcadio A. Sincero Jr. asincero at erols.com
Wed Aug 13 14:53:29 GMT 1997

Hello SAMBA Mailing List,

	Using TweakUI from the PowerToys suite of tools, one can easily
make thier Desktop directory point to any directory they want.  I tried
making my Desktop directory point to an SMB share on my Linux server
running SAMBA (v1.9.16p11).  However, this doesn't work very well at all.
The problem is that any changes made to the Desktop directory do not
become immediatly apparent on the Desktop.  I noticed this same behavior
when browsing other SMB drive shares from Explorer windows.  However, with
Explorer windows, all you need to do is simply hit View->Refresh.  This
option isn't available for the Desktop tho.  And even if it was, it still
wouldn't be ideal at all.

	I suspect this is a limitation of the SMB protocol, but I thought
I might check with the SAMBA list first.  Thanks in advance for any info
on this!

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