SPAM: Get Rich NOW!!

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Sat Aug 2 18:56:50 GMT 1997

Hello root at,

It looks like someone, at your end, is leaking SPAM into the Samba list.
The apparent source of this SPAM is <> which, unbelieveably, is
a real address. They are then relay-raping the Singapore Network to get it
into this list.

After careful deliberation, I have conciously decided to forward this one
message into the samba lists. All future SPAM reactions will henceforth
occur in e-mail. I apologize to my fellow list members for this. However, I
feel that a notice of action needs to be made, as well as an example. The
origin of SPAM is dubious and the e-mail may not get to them, for various
reasons. However, I am reasonably certain that they may be a list member,
unless security has been breached at either <> or
<>. In the latter case, the "Message-Id:
<199708021503.XAA09749 at>" line may be the only valid clue.

I respectfully suggest at all or part of the following courses be followed;
Please, cancel this account, or discipline this user. Ignorance is not an
acceptable argument.
You have a relay leak which I suggest that you plug quickly. I'd also start
to watch them for more of this activity. Since they may not be a real
InterNet host, I suggest that you setup "hosts.deny" to block the entire
domain, since it is also possible that they have penetrated your system.
It is possible that your system has also been compromised.

samba-list owner:
Block this user from participation in this list, if possible or convenient.
Alternatively, block the entire <> domain from participation,
iff they are uncooperative or can not be contacted.

This is a third occurance of SPAM in this list. I get enough of this in
UseNet and more than I like in my personal e-mail. I expect mailer-lists to
be SPAM free.

This message is also being posted to the anti-spam lists. I would hope that
the <> would not like a reputation as being a supporter of SPAM
tactics. However, repetition of SPAM from them will result in exactly such
a reputation as I will be posting all future SPAM to the anti-SPAM lists,
from here. Ask AGIS.NET what it's like to be excommunicated such that a
large part of their mail can't get through.

I am posting the header information such that better analysts than myself
may draw their own conclusions.

>Return-Path: samba at
>Received: from arvidsjaur (root at []) by (8.8.5/8.7.3) with ESMTP id IAA31896 for <rmeyer at>; Sat, 2
Aug 1997 08:47:40 -0700
>Received: from server at localhost (port 55895 []) by with SMTP id <65320-29307>; Sun, 3 Aug 1997 00:53:11
>Message-Id: <199708021503.XAA09749 at>
>Errors-To: listproc-errors at
>Reply-To: pingsim at
>Originator: samba at
>Sender: samba at
>Precedence: bulk
>From: pingsim at
>To: Multiple recipients of list <samba at>
>Subject: Get Rich NOW!!
>X-Listprocessor-Version: 6.0 -- ListProcessor by Anastasios Kotsikonas
>X-Comment: Discussion of Samba software package
>Date: 	Sun, 3 Aug 1997 00:53:08 +0000
>X-UIDL: bd1a6d3faff74af50cc8a22effccae0b
>                         THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO EARN AT LEAST $2500 A
>                                                              WEEK?

Remainder of this DREK has been removed.

I am specifically not placing into my kill filters so that I
can monitor them and forward future SPAM to my SPAM-COP system and, from
there, into the anti-SPAM lists.

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