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Bryan Maggard maggard at
Sat Aug 2 16:33:17 GMT 1997

>>David Allan Finch wrote:
>> Has anyone considerd modify the Unix encypt to use
>> the same system as NT. IE the encypted pasword in the
>> /etc/passwd or NIS/NIS+ table is the same for both?

>Jeremy Allison <jallison at>wrote:
>Err. That would be a *really* bad idea. See the l0phtcrack
>source for details :-).

I remember seeing something recently about NISGINA.DLL.  It
replaces the MSGINA.DLL of NT and allows NT to obtain
NIS+ passwords.  This might be a way to consolidate passwords.

I am considering implementing a pilot using NIS+ to serve passwords
to NTW machines.  Does anyone on the list have comments on this topic?
If you feel it is not close enough to topic, send direct reply.
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