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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Tue May 30 13:41:26 GMT 2006

Ross Smith wrote:
> A quick question to the list:  Has anyone installed HP's alpha release?


> Does it work of any of you?

It is somewhat functional, but there is a lot of work still needed on it.

It was in use at the OpenVMS bootcamp and was used to serve the 
presentations.  I do not think that was generally announced.

> If you have provided feedback to HP, did anyone ever get back to you?
> In my case I installed the updated release for Itanium and it works  up 
> to a point:  the point being that it does not report the disk size  
> correctly and so I can't save files to disk (which has zero free  blocks).

This issue has been traced down to a bug in the C library routine 
statvfs() which is working on traditional OpenVMS file specifications, 
but failing on UNIX format file specifications.  A fix in the C library 
is being worked on, but I do not know when it will be released.

As some client applications check for free disk space, this tends to be 
a problem.

> Also, it does not allow you to connect to your home directory.

I would recommend temporarily increasing the logging level for the SMBD 
process to get more detailed information.  Somewhere between "-d4" and 
"-d8" should provide enough information.

If you need help interpreting the log send it to OpenVMSCIFS(at)

Please try to keep such logs or log fragments small.

Also when sending log fragments as attachments, please name the 
attachment to have the extension of ".txt".  There are apparently 
several mail clients / content scanner that do not pay attention to the 
mime tags and only go by the extension.

Please do not post fragments of such log files on a public forum as they 
can contain sensitive information that may not be obvious because of the 
way it is encoded.

Currently the same logical names are used for this as with the 2.2.x 

   $define/system SAMBA_SMBD_OPTIONS "-d4"

> So this makes it fairly broken, but an attempt to provide feedback to  
> HP got no response.

I will be making inquiries about why there has been no response to your 
feedback reports.  You are sending them to the proper e-mail address, 
and they are flagged for a follow up.

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