problem with @link for samba2.30 under vms5.5-2: solved

John Malmberg wb8tyw at
Thu Dec 20 06:10:43 GMT 2001

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> From: "Klaus Thonke" <>
> Subject: problem with @link for samba2.30 under vms5.5-2: solved
> For those who might experience a similar problem:
> In my case the increase of the swapfile from 24000 to 48000 finally solved
> the link problem with "insufficient virtual address space".
> Thanks to all who send me suggestions!

Usually that error message means that the account pgflquo is too low.

Increasing the account working set extent, and sysgen wsmax can improve 
the linking speed.

I do not know how much physical memory that you have, but it definitely
looks like your wsmax is very low, and that will limit the working set extent.

This will cause your page and swap file to be more heavily utilized, 
while physical memory goes unused.

Generally increasing WSMAX to the largest that you can with out getting 
a warning about it stopping pool expansion in the 
sys$system:agen$params.dat will allow you to improve overall system 

The WSEXTENT is set to the peak working set observed for each process.

For more performance tips for SAMBA, see the SAMBA for OpenVMS FAQ, that 
can be found on the Openvms FREEWARE 5.0 CD-ROM in the SAMBA directory.

A link to an online copy of the CD-ROM set can be found at
wb8tyw at
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