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John E. Malmberg malmberg at
Thu Dec 20 05:49:33 GMT 2001

> From: "john marchant" <jmarchant at cobbcounty.organization>
> Subject: samba working!
> My samba is working.  I changed around my smb.conf and then added:


> passwd program = /samba_exe/PASSDB.EXE_AXP

Ok, I have not worked with that option, but I understood it to be the 
name of a program to set the password of the host account.  I am 
surprised that it has any affect on the server.

>   smb passwd file = /samba_root/var/private/SMBPASSWD.DAT

That should be the default value for that parameter, if it is not specified.

> It started working.  Some of my shares are not functioning properly, but I
> will continue working on it.  It keeps complaining that the sharename cannot
> be found.  Thank you.

Good Luck.

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