Problems to get samba version 2.30 running under vms5.5-2

Klaus Thonke klaus.thonke at
Thu Dec 20 09:04:58 GMT 2001

After having finally linked samba 2.03, next problems coming up are:

- SAMBA_STARTUP.COM fails with an error message, that "UIC system is

This problem I could remove by changing the line /uic=system to /uic=[1,4].
Does VMS5.5-2 generally require to give the UIC in numbers?

$ run/detached -
        / -
        /output=samba_root:[var]nmbd_startup.log -
        /uic=system -                        ------>  I had to change this
to /uic=[1,4]
        /process_name=NMBD -


O.k., so far - NMBD was starting now and the samba server is visible with
all its shares on the network.
My still unsolved problem: I cannot get access to any share on the samba
server. The Win client pretends, that the remote computer is unavailable.
On the samba server, after each attempt of an acces of a share a
sys$manager:smbd_startup.log file is created with the content
Error opening primary input file SYS$INPUT
Directory not found
No such file

The logical sys$input is:

$ sh log sys$input

What is wrong here?
I had running before the samba version 1.9.17p4 and simply copied the old
smb.conf file to the new location.
Does this cause problems? Do I have to add/change some new items there?

My system:
Digital TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS VAX Version V4.1
  on a VAXstation 3100/GPX running OpenVMS V5.5-2


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