Problem with linking of version 2.30 on vms5.5-2

Stephen Hall stephen.hall at
Fri Dec 14 08:30:39 GMT 2001


> =================================================================
> $ @link
> %DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of SAMBA_CRTL has been superseded
> Linking SMBD ...
> %LINK-F-OPTSYNERR, syntax error in options file
> AX;1
> -LINK-E-OPTLIN, options line in error
>         ''SAMBA_CRTL/SHARE"

Did you unzip the distribution using winzip ? I had a similar problem using
winzip which put two extra characters at the start of the linker options

I don't think you can extract the files using winzip. I had more success
unzipping the files under VMS using INFO-ZIP (get the binaries from the
Compaq Freeware CD -


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