Problem with linking of version 2.30 on vms5.5-2

Klaus Thonke klaus.thonke at
Thu Dec 13 16:27:43 GMT 2001

When I try to link samba version 2.03 for the binary package on my old
vaxstation with vms5.5-2 and C version 6.0, I constantly get the following
$ @link
%DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of SAMBA_CRTL has been superseded
Linking SMBD ...
%LINK-F-OPTSYNERR, syntax error in options file
-LINK-E-OPTLIN, options line in error

On the one hand I find in the "Readme":

Compiled on VAX VMS V5.5-2 with DEC-C V6.0

On the other hand in the same "Readme" is written:


        Normally there is no need to get the sources. The binary
        are built for Alpha and VAX VMS 6.0 and higher."

I'm confused: Is it now possible to link the package under vms5.5-2 or is
vms6.0 required?

Klaus Thonke
Universitaet Ulm

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