Samba 2.0.6 on Alpha VMS - file writing problem

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Fri Dec 7 05:44:17 GMT 2001

"Fachetti, Robert" <fachetti at> wrote:
> John,
> To answer some of your questions:
>>Also what created the file originally?  That may make a big difference.
> The files are originally created by our own proprietary code generation
> tool. They may or may not have been modified by an OpenVMS Editor.

The OpenVMS editors typically create a file that is in a variable text 
format.  When SAMBA 2.0.6 transfers it, it automatically translates it 
as appear to be a STREAM_LF file.

>>Is the behavior different if the file is in the root directory of a share
>>than it is when in a subdirectory?
> The behavior is thus: When I copy a file (either doing a drag and drop, or a
> File->Save from an IDE or Notepad) back to VMS (into either the root of the
> share or a subdirectory) the following always occurs: If the file already
> exists in the destination directory, then the resulting file that gets
> copied back is corrupted. If the file does NOT exist in the destination
> directory, then the file gets copied correctly. It behaves the same whether
> my target is the root directory or a subdirectory. 

SAMBA 2.0.6 will attempt to write a file in the same format as the 
original.  Obviously there is a bug here somewhere.  Samba is expecting 
the C RTL to translate the records.

> Before accessing from the PC side, I have tried to manipulate the file
> attributes to match those of the file that is coming back to the VMS side
> from the PC. I have tried using the following command on the files before
> access them from the PC:
> $ convert/fdl=STREAM.FDL FileName.ada FileName.ada

> where the contents of STREAM.FDL are as follows:
> $ type STREAM.FDL
>         ALLOCATION              33
>         BEST_TRY_CONTIGUOUS     yes
>         EXTENSION               0
>         ORGANIZATION            sequential
>         BLOCK_SPAN              yes
>         CARRIAGE_CONTROL        carriage_return
>         FORMAT                  stream
>         SIZE                    0
> $


Many PC utilities are use what OpenVMS terms STREAM_CR format for it's 

UNIX uses what OpenVMS terms STREAM_LF format for it's files.

Using SET FILE/ATTR on a corrupted file to change it's attributes to be 
a STREAM_CR may also rescue it's contents.  Or it may not.

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