failing tests in the testsuite on debian

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Tue Nov 15 13:35:45 UTC 2022

I experimented with the tests some more. Thank you Jeremy for the
tip about escaping spaces in the knownfail files, - somehow I noticed
this is the case in other places but didnt' think about using escapes
in my "knownfails".

But the thing, or a request for help actually, is still here.  I found
out that samba testsuite is unreliable.

In particular, one can't re-run tests, because on subsequent runs, even
if you `rm -rf st' in-between, the result will be different, and different
tests will fail and the ones failed before will succeed, even with the
--quick test list.

eg, samba3.rpc.schannel_anon_setpw anonymous password set (schannel enforced server-side)(nt4_dc_schannel)
test will succeed on the first run, but will fail on subsequent runs:

  Failed with dcerpc_flags=0x800220
  WARNING!: ../../source4/torture/rpc/schannel.c:796: status was NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED, expected NT_STATUS_OK: Failed to connect without 
  Failed with dcerpc_flags=0x800220

On the other hand, samba4.rpc.echo against rpc proxy with domain creds(rpc_proxy)
fails on the first run (as described in my previous email), but succeeds
on subsequent runs.

I'm asking for help to make the whole thing runnable as a "quick" check
that the new samba works fine and there's no obvious build errors.

Maybe there's a way to disable some tests which doesn't work
right anyway.

There must be some difference in the environment, why auto-testing does
work on samba CI but can not be reporoduced by me.

Thank you!


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