Python 3.6 for Samba 4.13 in Sep 2020?

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Wed Mar 4 02:19:52 UTC 2020

How long can we expect to receive support for Samba v4.12 (the version that will work on Debian 9)?  Will that support align with the support timeframe for Debian 9, etc?

We tend to lag behind on upgrading our OS versions because it's a bit painful on a large file server.  I know that's not a great reason, but it's nice to stay on a supported platform as long as possible.  🙂

Andy Morgan
Identity & Access Management
Oregon State University

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I wondered if we could set our minimum python version at Python 3.6 for
Samba 4.13?

It has useful new features like PEP 498: Formatted string literals

More particularly, recent tests showed that the only two platforms
without it are Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) and Debian 9 (Streach).

Debian 10 has been released for 6 months now, and will have been out
for more than a year by the time we release Samba 4.13, and likewise
there will be a new Ubuntu LTS 20.04.

This came up because a small helper script failed to parse when we
extended the samba-o3 tests (which run on each host) to include the
local "none" tests

I realise it would be 'simpler' to just change that script, but I
wanted to raise the broader question in the hope that we could steadily
increase that minimum version.



Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer, Samba Team
Samba Development and Support, Catalyst IT - Expert Open Source

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