Python 3.6 for Samba 4.13 in Sep 2020?

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Wed Mar 4 04:06:42 UTC 2020

On Wed, 2020-03-04 at 02:19 +0000, Morgan, Andrew Jason wrote:
> How long can we expect to receive support for Samba v4.12 (the
> version that will work on Debian 9)?  Will that support align with
> the support timeframe for Debian 9, etc?

Samba releases are supported for 18 months after the release.

Debian's schedule is here:

Assuming other things stay equal it looks like Samba 4.12 would EOL in
2021-09 and debian will EOL in 2022 sometime.

> We tend to lag behind on upgrading our OS versions because it's a bit
> painful on a large file server.  I know that's not a great reason,
> but it's nice to stay on a supported platform as long as possible. 
> 🙂

Sure.  That's why we ask these things.  

Additionally, you will always have the ability to install a backported
python3, or build just the fileserver (eg --disable-python) with
something as old as Python 2.6.

I hope this helps clarify this proposal.


Andrew Bartlett

> Thanks,
> Andy Morgan
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> Oregon State University
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> Subject: Python 3.6 for Samba 4.13 in Sep 2020?
> G'Day,
> I wondered if we could set our minimum python version at Python 3.6
> for
> Samba 4.13?
> It has useful new features like PEP 498: Formatted string literals
> More particularly, recent tests showed that the only two platforms
> without it are Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) and Debian 9 (Streach).
> Debian 10 has been released for 6 months now, and will have been out
> for more than a year by the time we release Samba 4.13, and likewise
> there will be a new Ubuntu LTS 20.04.
> This came up because a small helper script failed to parse when we
> extended the samba-o3 tests (which run on each host) to include the
> local "none" tests 
> I realise it would be 'simpler' to just change that script, but I
> wanted to raise the broader question in the hope that we could
> steadily
> increase that minimum version.
> See
> Thanks!
> Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
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