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Tue Jan 23 02:34:21 UTC 2018

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>I would suggest the git log of the changes that were made to
>dcesrv_remote.c and the rpc_server and try and follow things from

Now, why didn't I think of that? Probably because I'm not really a
developer. :) Thanks.

>I can probably help if need be. But do be aware there will be much
>more needed than just fixing that.

That would be fantastic. And regarding the amount of work required, well
yes, I suspected as much. But I'm going to give it a shot and see how
far I get. At the very least I may be able to make some noise, and
perhaps other interested parties will join in.

>One thing that was changes is mentioned in the 4.7 release notes, where
>a lp hook was removed. There is probably another way to implement that

I did notice that, and have decided to stay on 4.6.12 for the time being.

>This will be a long road. I've CC'ed Jelmer who at least has some of
>the OpenChange background, as most of that project has melted away
>As a matter of interest, what brings you to OpenChange?

I'm really a consultant and a net/sysadmin, and for the longest time
I've wanted to see an open, working implementation of the
Exchange/ActiveSync protocols. And I'm just one of many; I vividly
remember this from nine years ago:

And regarding the project melting away...
I was horrified to see the OpenChange project die like it did, and I
must admit I was puzzled and somewhat dismayed to see that no one of the
Samba team seemed to take an interest. I do realize you're all very busy
and I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of the code you've been
producing, but still. Exchange is a huge deal.

Without OpenChange there is exactly *one* piece of software that
seamlessly integrates mail, contacts and calendars, with support built
into every mobile device from every manufacturer. No wonder Microsoft
has such a stranglehold on the market with Office 356. Some real
competition is sorely needed.

I've looked long and hard at SOGo (, but there are a
number of issues with their product. For one thing, they haven't
actually fixed OpenChange; even their ZEG appliance runs Samba 4.3.x.
Another issue is that they don't actually sell a product, they sell
consulting services and support agreements based on their prepackaged
application. They way I see it, If I can't build it, I might as well go
for a Microsoft product.

So I've decided to try doing some building.


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