Integrate kerberos tracing

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Tue Dec 4 09:21:06 UTC 2018

Hi Swen,

>>> It now includes an option for 'configure' with which the feature
>>> can be
>>> selected.

Do we really need a configure option here? I'd prefer to just use this.

>>> This patch set is using krb5_set_trace_callback from the kerberos
>>> API
>>> to provide inline tracing information.
>>> The feature itself must be enabled at compile time by defining
>>> HAVE_KRB5_TRACING, the default is to NOT have tracing compiled in.
>>> As mentioned above, this can be done/enabled now by specifiying the
>>> configuration option --with-krb5-tracing.
>>> If compiled in, the trace information will only be logged if
>>> logging is
>>> set to DEBUG level.
>>> Beside the introduction of the feature (patch 1) the inclusion for
>>> each
>>> area is handled by tiny seperate patches (patch 2 - 10).
>>> If wanted, that could be condensed to one, but I remember that some
>>> prefer it that way.
>>> The last patch (patch 11) contains now the changes to the wscript,
>>> offering the configuration switch.

We already have something similar in smb_krb5_init_context() for
Heimdal. Can you also add the tracing for MIT there?

I'm not sure, but I think it might be nicer to then use
smb_krb5_init_context() instead of the raw krb5_init_context()
so that we can't forget KRB5_TRACE_SET().
What does others think about that?
If we decide to use krb5_init_context() + KRB5_TRACE_SET() please
make sure it also works for Heimdal.


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