Latest Time Machine Patch

Omri Mor omri50 at
Mon Sep 18 02:41:21 UTC 2017

>> The "volume_caps" variable should be "caps".
> oops, my fault, sorry! Fixed in the attached patchset.
> Fwiw, I removed forcing "strict sync = yes" as that will be the default setting
> in 4.7.

The F_FULLFSYNC extension "ensures that all data is flushed to stable storage”, according to the Apple documentation.
This means, to me, that it ought to be mutually exclusive with `strict sync = no`.
While `strict sync = yes` is the default, currently nothing stops someone from manually setting `strict sync = no` and `fruit: time machine` simultaneously.
I’d recommend adding a check to ensure that is the case, if we don’t want to force it.

Other than that, everything looks good.


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