Latest Time Machine Patch

Kevin Anderson andersonkw2 at
Mon Sep 18 00:46:35 UTC 2017

Hi Ralph,

> I think we should simplify this and keep it to the minimum that describes the
> feature, without going into technical and implementation details. So just
> something like:
>     Enables Time Machine support for this share. Also registers the share with
>     mDNS in case Samba is built with mDNS support.

That is acceptable to me.

>> Additionally I have attached a working patch that sets the avahi
>> service name to from the avahi client hostname. This shows the
>> hostname of the system in all lowercase rather than the uppercased
>> NETBIOS name. The patch has the signed off tag as well.
> We can't change the default here, we could add this as an option as suggested
> before, but we should keep that discussion seperate from this thread.

OK. I can start a new thread for that.

The attached patch looks good to me.

Kevin Anderson

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