Adding a user to Samba and ldap segfaults

Rowland Penny repenny241155 at
Mon Mar 7 09:21:20 UTC 2016

Hi, I was trying out ldapsam:editposix on 4.3.5 and when I tried to add 
a user with 'smbpasswd -a ldap01', the user was added to ldap but the 
command segfaulted before adding the password.
I opened bug 11760, Garming Sam pointed out that this sounded similar to 
bug 11530 for which there was a fix in master.
I downloaded samba-master and compiled it and yes, the command did now 
add a password to the user in ldap, but it still segfaulted before 
Volker supplied another patch, which I used, but still had problems, so 
yesterday, Volker spent sometime in my test VM sorting this out.
I can now add a user without problems.

Just need Volker to post his final patch and I can confirm it works.

Rowland penny

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