[Patches] auth/credentials for user_auth_info

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Dec 18 00:28:24 UTC 2016

On Fri, 2016-12-16 at 22:58 +0100, Stefan Metzmacher wrote:
> Hi,
> here're some patches to prepare the auth/credentials logic for
> usage within struct user_auth_info.
> This took quite some cycles to pass a full autobuild, it turns
> out that we have a lot of explicit and implicit test cavarage
> of the source3 POPT_COMMON_CREDENTIALS handling.
> Please review and push:-)
> This depends on the "Avoid selftest/autobuild interaction with /tmp"
> patchset.

Thank you so much for doing this.  The main issue I have with it is the
new password_will_be_nt_hash logic.  This seems to me to be a horrible

This however isn't an objection, assuming you tell me (as I trust you
will) that all the other options were even worse.

I am very glad to see cli_credentials starting to get good use across
the codebase.  I'm well aware it isn't ideal, but it is an improvement
and the consistency brings us great opportunities. 


Andrew Bartlett

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