GSOC 2015 Aspirant for Improving SMB3 protocol improvements

David Disseldorp ddiss at
Wed Mar 4 05:31:41 MST 2015

Hi Saket Sinha,

Thanks for your interest...

On Wed, 4 Mar 2015 17:15:32 +0530, Saket Sinha wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking forward to paticipate in GSOC 2015 with Samba community for
> Improving SMB3 protocol improvements.
> This is to discuss the idea further in order to build my understanding of
> the project.
> The TODOs listed here show the following -
>    1. Support for using multiple network interfaces at once under the same
>    mount (SMB3 multichannel)
>    2. Improved directory and metadata caching ("directory oplocks")
>    3. Improved failover in clustering environments ("persistent file
>    handles" and more generally SMB3 "continuous availability" support)
>    4. File copy offload (there are multiple server side copy mechanisms
>    possible with SMB3, T10 copy offload, SMB2/SMB3 "copy chunk" as well as an
>    older cifs mechanism "SMB Copy" that could be implemented, compared and
>    optimized).
>    5. HA availability improvements on server and/or client (the SMB3
>    "Witness protocol")
>  I would like to be guided which one I should pick up to get started.

These tasks all relate to the Linux kernel CIFS/SMB client (cifs.ko), so
would be best answered on the cifs.ko mailing list (cc'ed). I'd suggest
only pursuing these tasks if you have a reasonably solid background in C

Cheers, David

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