samba 4.3.2 cannot see print drivers

bogdan_bartos admin at
Wed Dec 9 14:57:31 UTC 2015


I restored a samba 4.3.2 from another box. It acts as a dc with file and
print sharing. The printing support is done over cups. In the smb.conf it is
set to hold the print drivers in /usr/local/samba/drivers. The folder itself
is chmod 777 on subfolders as well, so it has full access. The drivers have
been copied from the previous machine in the same substructures. However,
when I look as administrator from a Windows machine, I can only see the
printers in print management, but the drivers are missing.

I noticed, there is "3" folder where the drivers are kept under the 64 bit
folder in /usr/local/samba/drivers. I cannot find any reference to that
folder in any of the config files. If I try to load drivers in, it will
create a new folder - like "4". In a production environment it is not
possible to reload the drivers like this especially when you have a big

How can I make the config aware that the windows drivers are there? It does
not seem to know them. On the old box this worked. I never got this to work
properly on other boxes either. Does this have to do with cups? Cups sees
the printers. What in the samba config make it link the drivers to the
folder I am refering to?

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