samba 4.3.2 cannot see print drivers

bogdan_bartos admin at
Thu Dec 10 23:00:36 UTC 2015

I've been studying the above mentioned issue. I even ran this:
# rpcclient localhost -U administrator -c 'enumdrivers'

It gets me no drivers, however the printers are all there:
# rpcclient localhost -U administrator -c 'enumprinters'

Since the drivers are not present, there is nothing to link to the printers,
so my only option was to reaload the drivers manually. I even went in and
assigned the 3000000:users ownership on the drivers folder and still the
same. It also behaves the same if I give 777 as rights, so the rights don't
seem to be the answer.

If anybody here knows how to avoid reloading the drivers on a new box, would
be very helpful for the future and this info should go in the howto of samba
for sure.

Also running the bellow commands did not help in any way:
net rpc rights list accounts -U'SAMDOM\administrator'
net rpc rights grant 'Domain Admins' SePrintOperatorPrivilege
These give rights, but don't make drivers visible.

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