ncacn_http for 4.2? (Re: RPC over HTTP (ncacn_http) implementation for DCERPC client libraries)

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sun Sep 21 02:07:50 MDT 2014


>> The other (harder, sorry) task we need is tests, which I've not seen in
>> the code so far.  Ideally this means finding some way to have a server
>> for this, so it works in make test, but at least we should have a test
>> we can run against Windows manually.
> I've looked through the patches and tested them.
> smbtorture
> ncacn_http:w2k8r2-219[593,RpcProxy=w2k8r2-219.bla.base,HttpUseTls=true,HttpAuthOption=ntlm]
> rpc.epmapper.epmapper.Lookup_simple

Ok, I've done some more testing and I may propose the additional patches
(attached). I'm currently doing an autobuild with them. With them

'ncacn_http:w2k8r2-219' also worked for me.

Samuel, I noticed that some openchange code uses

This won't work as we only support 'RpcProxy' instead of 'rpcproxy',
can we just use 'rpcproxy' in the samba code too or are there any
existing callers
also expecting 'RpcProxy' to work?
We can also make the dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_string_option() to use
strncasecmp(), but I want to have a good reason for such a change.

Do I remember correctly that you have implemented a rpc_proxy somewhere?
How do you want work arround the problem that Samba's epmapper doesn't
on port 593?

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