ncacn_http for 4.2? (Re: RPC over HTTP (ncacn_http) implementation for DCERPC client libraries)

Samuel Cabrero scabrero at
Sun Sep 21 12:40:56 MDT 2014

Hi metze,

thanks for your review and improvements! I changed the binding string
options names to match the ones used in MS documentation and I have the
patches for openchange ready. The "rpc_proxy" is the name used in the
openchange profile, not related with binding string.

Samba not listening on port 593 should not be a problem as the port used
by the three services openchange connects to is known (6001, 6002 and


On dom, 2014-09-21 at 10:07 +0200, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> Hi,
> >> The other (harder, sorry) task we need is tests, which I've not seen in
> >> the code so far.  Ideally this means finding some way to have a server
> >> for this, so it works in make test, but at least we should have a test
> >> we can run against Windows manually.
> > 
> > I've looked through the patches and tested them.
> > 
> > smbtorture
> > ncacn_http:w2k8r2-219[593,RpcProxy=w2k8r2-219.bla.base,HttpUseTls=true,HttpAuthOption=ntlm]
> > rpc.epmapper.epmapper.Lookup_simple
> Ok, I've done some more testing and I may propose the additional patches
> (attached). I'm currently doing an autobuild with them. With them
> 'ncacn_http:w2k8r2-219' also worked for me.
> Samuel, I noticed that some openchange code uses
> "ncacn_http:%s[rpcproxy=%s:%d,"
> This won't work as we only support 'RpcProxy' instead of 'rpcproxy',
> can we just use 'rpcproxy' in the samba code too or are there any
> existing callers
> also expecting 'RpcProxy' to work?
> We can also make the dcerpc_binding_[g|s]et_string_option() to use
> strncasecmp(), but I want to have a good reason for such a change.
> Do I remember correctly that you have implemented a rpc_proxy somewhere?
> How do you want work arround the problem that Samba's epmapper doesn't
> listen
> on port 593?
> metze

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