Comprehensive re-write of the classicupgrade HowTo and other changes

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at
Wed May 28 05:24:35 MDT 2014


I'm talking about re-writing the classicupgrade HowTo since over a year
now. :-) Now, after three rainy vacation days, it's finaly done:

A complete and comprehensive re-write of the classicupgrade HowTo:

Some other mentionable documentation changes, I had
done during the last week:

  Re-structuring, re-formatting + minor text changes.

  Re-structuring, re-formatting, medium text cleanups and
  some changes. Fits now to all Samba Builds and not just
  Samba AD DCs.

  Moved the „Obtaining Samba“ section from the Build_Samba
  page to a separate page. Re-structuring, Re-formattings,
  medium text changes.

  Re-formatting, minor text changes.

* + several minor text changes/additions on different pages
  + some page renamings
  + Linking some more content/subsections on


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