More recvfile optimizations

Jones jones.kstw at
Mon Apr 14 06:38:54 MDT 2014

2014-04-10 19:48 GMT+08:00 Stefan (metze) Metzmacher <metze at>:

> The big TODO is an existing bug that we don't really check if the file
> handle
> supports recvfile, a named pipe doesn't support this and a print file
> may also doesn't support
> it.

Hi Metze,

Well that's good!
im probably suffered the same issues these days.

While cooperating cups and samba with RECVFILE enabled,
if go through SMB1 everything works fine,
if go through SMB2/3 sometimes failed.

And log.smbd said:
[2013/12/10 17:23:53.242016,  0]
  Unexpected RPC Fragment size! (53439)
[2014/03/29 18:51:12.354896,  0]
  Unexpected RPC Fragment size! (0)

Wireshark shows SMB2 write command would return NT_STATUS:

To way around the write with print type and ipc type i add ugly code
into is_smb2_recvfile_write(), but looks this patch is better one,
i would try to test again and report status later,


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