[PATCH] Volume serial number

Jeffrey Strupp Jeffrey.Strupp at smilebrands.com
Fri Jul 19 11:56:26 MDT 2013

Hi Christian,

Thank you so much for the suggestions they did reveal the problem.
It is definitely an old patch that I will need to try to apply manually.

-Thanks again
Jeff S

On 7/12/13 10:44 PM, "Christian PERRIER" <bubulle at debian.org> wrote:

>Quoting Jeffrey Strupp (Jeffrey.Strupp at smilebrands.com):
>> Hi Jeremy,
>> Thanks for taking the time to confirm my suspicions regarding the patch.
>> Any chance this could still be merged?
>> I tried to manually patch the source myself using the diff I found in
>> thread, but I am not sure I am using the correct technique to patch the
>> source code.  I copied the diff into a file and ran the following
>> in the samba directory ( /samba-4.0.7# patch -p1 0001-volume-id.patch ).
>> I didn't receive any errors, but it never finished until I manually
>> it.
>You'd better run something like:
>patch -p1 <0001-volume-id.patch
>I suggest to first run:
>patch -p1 --dry-run <0001-volume-id.patch
>This will have no action but willl show you whether the patch applies
>(beware that if this is an old patch, there are chances it doens't
>apply cleanly and need to be applied manually by good old copy/paste

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