[PATCH] Volume serial number

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Fri Jul 12 23:44:44 MDT 2013

Quoting Jeffrey Strupp (Jeffrey.Strupp at smilebrands.com):
> Hi Jeremy,
> Thanks for taking the time to confirm my suspicions regarding the patch.
> Any chance this could still be merged?
> I tried to manually patch the source myself using the diff I found in the
> thread, but I am not sure I am using the correct technique to patch the
> source code.  I copied the diff into a file and ran the following command
> in the samba directory ( /samba-4.0.7# patch -p1 0001-volume-id.patch ).
> I didn't receive any errors, but it never finished until I manually killed
> it.

You'd better run something like:
patch -p1 <0001-volume-id.patch

I suggest to first run:
patch -p1 --dry-run <0001-volume-id.patch

This will have no action but willl show you whether the patch applies
(beware that if this is an old patch, there are chances it doens't
apply cleanly and need to be applied manually by good old copy/paste methods)

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