[Samba] PROPOSAL: Remove SWAT in Samba 4.1

Zane Zakraisek doublezane at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 16:43:14 MST 2013

When I first got into Samba back around Samba 3.3, I started off using
SWAT, but found that it was just more trouble than help. I hated what I did
to my smb.conf file. I therefore just began working via a text editor
instead of SWAT. This is just me talking here, but it would seem as though
anyone using Samba for the more advanced AD uses are probably going to
be editing the configuration file, using the new Samba commands
(samba-tool, etc), or using the Windows Remote Administration Tools. In my
personal opinion, I don't feel as though we all need a forth option (SWAT).
I love where Samba is going in the sense that we can use the tools
that Microsoft provides to manage our Samba servers. In a mixed
Samba/Windows environment, this is essential. I definitely believe that
this is what should be progressed in place of SWAT. But that's just me :)

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