CNAME Records

Ali Bendriss ali.bendriss at
Sat Feb 9 11:20:55 MST 2013

On Saturday, February 09, 2013 06:16:14 PM Stefan  Metzmacher wrote:
> Am 09.02.2013 00:45, schrieb Zane Zakraisek:
> > Hi, I've been getting to know Samba 4 for a little while now and I've
> > noticed that I can't access shares on my Samba server using a CNAME.
> > 
> > For instance, lets say I have a server named "exampleserver01", and
> > created
> > a CNAME record referring to it as "es01". When I would enter "
> > \\" into my Windows file browser, it would bring up
> > a
> > list of all my shares, just as it would if I were to type "
> > \\", but when I click on ANY of those
> > shares, I get a message saying that the share isn't accessible, or that I
> > might not have permission to open it. At the bottom of the error message
> > it
> > says that "the parameter is incorrect".
> > 
> > I am using Samba 4.0.3 and am using the internal DNS server. When I do an
> > nslookup of the CNAME, it does bring up the correct A record, so I know
> > that DNS is working correctly.
> If you run Samba as an AD DC, then there's a problem with DFS referrals,
> we currently only expect our hostname or our domain name as valid names.
> I'm not sure if this is easily fixable...
> Maybe we should just return NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND instead of
> for unknown names (in dfs_server_ad_get_referrals()).
> Why do you want this behavior at all? Maybe it's better to have
> a file server separate from the AD DC.
> metze


I've got the same issue.
I am using two AD DC for authentification and files sharing.
both server are running ipvs (using part of ctdb) and are reachable with a 
sigle IP address. It was running ok for our need. But I wanted to upgrade to 
4.0.3 for the acl and osx fix. 

By the way the share are still availlable using the IP address so I changed 
the GPO to use the ip insted of the dns name.
And drive mapping is still working as before (with DNS name) as well.

I would like to add a separate file server but it is impossible for the moment.
Fixing it would be much appreciated.



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