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Sat Feb 9 10:16:14 MST 2013

Am 09.02.2013 00:45, schrieb Zane Zakraisek:
> Hi, I've been getting to know Samba 4 for a little while now and I've
> noticed that I can't access shares on my Samba server using a CNAME.
> For instance, lets say I have a server named "exampleserver01", and created
> a CNAME record referring to it as "es01". When I would enter "
> \\" into my Windows file browser, it would bring up a
> list of all my shares, just as it would if I were to type "
> \\", but when I click on ANY of those
> shares, I get a message saying that the share isn't accessible, or that I
> might not have permission to open it. At the bottom of the error message it
> says that "the parameter is incorrect".
> I am using Samba 4.0.3 and am using the internal DNS server. When I do an
> nslookup of the CNAME, it does bring up the correct A record, so I know
> that DNS is working correctly.

If you run Samba as an AD DC, then there's a problem with DFS referrals,
we currently only expect our hostname or our domain name as valid names.

I'm not sure if this is easily fixable...
Maybe we should just return NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND instead of
for unknown names (in dfs_server_ad_get_referrals()).

Why do you want this behavior at all? Maybe it's better to have
a file server separate from the AD DC.


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