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Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at medizinische-genetik.de
Tue Sep 11 15:56:16 MDT 2012

Am 11.09.2012 23:19, schrieb Rowland Penny:
> Hi, what were you running before, a workgroup or a domain?

It was a samba 3 domain with 230 workstations and about 10 other samba 3 
member servers.

> As for the wins server, you use the nameserver you created when you
> provisioned samba4 instead.

Before all clients had DNS and a wins server configured (DNS was already on 
the host that was migrated to s4 now, and the wins server was on a s3 member 

So the clients only use DNS for resolving and I can remove the wins server ip 
from the clients and remove the wins server part from my s3 member server?

> Have you read the webpage I pointed you at?

I read this document. But don't see in what way it will help me to get all 
hosts appearing in the network neighbourhood again and not just some hosts of 
the subnet I am, or what's about wins.

 > You need to join the Samba 3
> server to the samba4 domain as a member server.

The servers, which were members in my s3 domain before, were automatically 
members of the s4 AD (I only hat do add the realm, krb5.conf,...) and 
restart). But I don't had to rejoin the members. All member servers are 
working fine. Only my network neighbourhood doesn't show all 
workstations/servers like before.

At the moment if I look in the browsing list from the server subnet, I see all 
my s4 DC and my s3 members. If I look from the subnet where my computer (and 
about 30 more) are, I just see my host (and no servers). If I look from a 
different subnet, I see 5 of about 40 workstations in the list (and no servers)

Sorry, if I understand you wrong, but at the moment I don't see what I did 
wrong and what hint you want to give me.



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