[PATCH] Switch to internal dns server as default for provision

Kai Blin kai at samba.org
Sat Sep 8 03:25:28 MDT 2012

On 2012-09-08 11:16, Rowland Penny wrote:

Hi Rowland,

> Hi Kai, thanks for your answer, so it seems that who ever wrote the
> load_interface_list() call, forgot? about the loopback interface or as
> the rest of the world calls it ''.

No, not forgot. I said excluded, because that's how I read the
if(!is_loopback_addr()) check in source4/lib/socket/interface.c line
313. It doesn't mention _why_ we're excluding loopback, though. Which is
why I was asking for the reason of this decision. The code also excludes
::1, for all that I can see.

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