Samba4 DNS woes

Kai Blin kai at
Mon May 21 03:06:04 MDT 2012

On 2012-05-18 17:13, Mike Howard wrote:

Hi Mike,

> On a slightly different note, the lack of reverse dns causes some minor
> issues, so if I create a reverse zone using samba-tool, can I expect the
> internal server to populate it automatically when populating the forward
> zone?

No. If you create a reverse zone using samba-tool (or the windows dns
tools), you're able to use the reverse zone after a samba restart. I
wish we could get by without a restart, but currently the RPC server
that is able to add dns zones doesn't tell the DNS server to reload its
zones. Anyway, when registering with DNS, windows clients check if
there's a reverse zone for them to register into, and if there is, they
add their reverse entries along with the forward entries. I haven't
played with linux clients, but I assume the only sane way to go is for
them to do something similar. A client that has multiple names to its IP
address can decide which name the reverse record points to, there's no
way the DNS server could decide this.

To sum up, reverse zones work, but there is no code in the server
magically adding reverse zone entries.


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