Samba4 DNS woes

Mike Howard mike at
Fri May 18 09:13:09 MDT 2012

On 18/05/2012 09:56, Kai Blin wrote:
> On 2012-05-16 16:27, Mike Howard wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>> I therefore thought I'd give the internal dns server a bash and I was
>> rather pleased to find that it seemed to work, in that the samba dns
>> server updated itself with the first linux client I joined to the
>> domain. Unfortunately, after a short while (5-10 mins or so) it all just
>> stopped working (the dns aspect that is). No errors to the log, nothing,
>> just no response to dns requests. I'm assuming that this is obviously
>> not normal so has anybody come across this behaviour?
> This probably is some issue with the way we forward requests we don't
> know about to the forwarder. Improving this code is on my todo list, but
> I didn't get around to do this properly yet. Could you get me a
> wireshark trace of the DNS requests that happen right before DNS stalls?
> Cheers,
> Kai
Hi Kai,

Ok, that makes sense.

I went through a couple of iterations of setups and came back to using 
the internal dns server and it has behaved impeccably since, so 
currently, I'm up and running. If I do experience the problem again I'll 
get a trace for you.

On a slightly different note, the lack of reverse dns causes some minor 
issues, so if I create a reverse zone using samba-tool, can I expect the 
internal server to populate it automatically when populating the forward 



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