Samba4 DNS woes

Mike Howard mike at
Wed May 16 08:27:41 MDT 2012

After a break of a few months I'm testing samba4 again, particularly the 
DNS side of things. Using the latest source fron git, bind 9.9 and dlz 
nothing seems to have changed much (though it may well have done under 
the bonnet) in that dynamic updates still doesn't appear to work for 
linux clients.

I therefore thought I'd give the internal dns server a bash and I was 
rather pleased to find that it seemed to work, in that the samba dns 
server updated itself with the first linux client I joined to the 
domain. Unfortunately, after a short while (5-10 mins or so) it all just 
stopped working (the dns aspect that is). No errors to the log, nothing, 
just no response to dns requests. I'm assuming that this is obviously 
not normal so has anybody come across this behaviour?

Any question is easy if you know the answer!

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