[GSoC] - ncurses project

Vicentiu Ciorbaru cvicentiu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 15:09:58 MDT 2012


I am interested in working on the ncurses project and I have the following

Considering my previous work on net rpc conf and seeing how the reg api
works, both for rpc
and local connection I came up with an interesting idea.

The general idea of the project is to have an interactive interface that
would make editing
registry keys / shares etc. more simple. However, why not make the
interface in such a way
so that it can be extended to all commands that might benefit from the

The way I propose to have the interface is similar to a git add -i command
and git commit.

This provides a way to make, view, experiment with changes and "commit" the
changes when
the desired setup is reached.

In regards to making the editor compatible with more than one  of the net
commands (and
here i had a look on how I implemented net rpc conf), I would propose to
make a set
of primitives available from the editor module that would allow it to adapt
to different commands.

For example:

The editor provides the following possible workflow:


add_choice_option(option)   // for example all options of net registry or
net conf


..... wait for user input .....


->now the editor provides some functions like:

create_editable_field(name, properties, ...)

(perhaps) create_confirmation_box(question)

All these functions can be called whenever the interface requires them.
This way, to adapt the editor
you would just create a separate logic module that just calls on the
functions in the order it needs them.

I will elaborate more on these in my proposal if you consider my idea

Comments are much appreciated,

(In order to make sure my idea would not exceed the GSoC timeline, the
first goal would be to get the
editor module in place and then create the registry editor interface; the
other net commands interfaces
can wait if time is too short)

Vicentiu Ciorbaru

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