Mediaharmony for Samba 3.6 [was Re: talloc_tos in shadow_copy2_insert_string]

Andrew Klaassen clawsoon at
Thu Mar 29 12:03:38 MDT 2012

--- On Thu, 3/29/12, Andrew Klaassen <clawsoon at> wrote:

>  - Fix whatever's causing readdir to crash in my port to the
> latest git code.  First two guesses: 1) The trick used
> by scannedonly and the original shadow_copy module to store
> extra information about an opened directory - casting
> between SMB_STRUCT_DIR and a custom struct - is no longer
> usable, or 2) some directories are now being opened without
> passing through opendir first.

Solved by adding fdopendir, after seeing that most directory open requests in the current git source seem to be going through ->open->fdopendir rather than ->opendir.

I've attached an initial doesn't-crash-right-away patch that adds the media_harmony VFS module to current git source.  Let me know if there are any changes that I could/should/must make before it's ready for Samba inclusion.  I'd be happy to answer any questions about the patch, too.



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