Dependencies for Samba 4 Python modules

Torsten Kurbad samba-technical at
Tue Mar 6 08:42:32 MST 2012

Hi Jelmer,

On Tue, 06 Mar 2012 01:19:29 +0100, Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at>
>> More precisely, I configured
>> --with-modulesdir=/usr/lib[64]
>I don't think it's the modules dir that's related here. What rpath 
>related options are you specifying to configure?

I configured with
--disable-rpath and --disable-rpath-install

>I've seen something similar for the Debian builds - there, I'm simply 
>forcing the rpath to include /usr/lib/samba because otherwise I miss 
>rpath references to that path.

Yes, that's where I got the idea. Or better, where Ewoud got the idea
and proxied it to me. ;-)

>As far as I can tell this patch shouldn't be necessary, since the 
>dependencies you add are already there implicitly. For example, samdb 
>already depends on samdb-common so there shouldn't be a need to add
>the latter too.

Yeah, I suspected sth. like that. If the deps weren't sufficient, the
code wouldn't even build, would it?

So, what exactly would be the correct rpath options to specify during
configure phase?

Thanks in advance!
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