Samba4 BDC with Samba4 PDC

Mike Howard mike at
Wed Jun 6 11:55:22 MDT 2012

On 06/06/2012 15:49, Kai Blin wrote:
> On 2012-06-05 14:20, Mike Howard wrote:
>> Using the 'SAMBA_INTERNAL' as the backend, automatic updates work for
>> linux and Windows clients out of the box, even devices such as printers
>> and my Sonos music system components get updated, which is great. I did
>> struggle with 'SAMBA_INTERNAL' though, it kept dying, for no apparent
>> reason and frequently, only rebooting would get it back up, so I went
>> back to using BIND9_DLZ.
> Which makes me wonder about your system. There's no reason at all why a
> restart of the samba process wouldn't be sufficient to get DNS back into
> working condition, even if it did fail.
> Additionally, is there any pattern on your DNS failures with the
> internal server? Any specific requests that cause it to die?
Hi Kai,

My system(s) is(are) fine. If I have specific issues, I always, where 
possible, test on a different system and the dns server did the same on 
an x86_64 system.

With regards to specific patterns, actually, there was one scenario when 
it always seemed to fail and that was when I was using 'apt-mirror' 
manually (as opposed to from cron) to mirror debian security updates 
(plus others). No idea why that would be.

I'd be happy to carry out any test scenarios that you feel appropriate 
as the internal server does look like the way to go.



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