Questions about smb.conf parameters and variables

Carlos Miguel Bustillo Rodriguez cbustillo at
Tue Jul 3 14:17:33 MDT 2012


>Many thanks for this great, helpfull list. May I ask, where you find it?

You can find this list in;a=blob_plain;f=source4/NEWS;hb=HEAD

or in source4/NEWS at your samba-master mirror.

>I already use --with-logfilebase, but this doesn't allow me to have one log
>per machine. In samba 3x I could configure
>log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
>to have one *.log file per machine, what makes it easy to find errors/problems
>produced by this one machine. s4 doesn't know the %-variables any more, it seems.

Yes, Samba4 create one log, it seems the support for logs is not fully developed for the moment.

Regards, Carlos

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