S3 to S4 migration (samba-tools) -- Progress!

Ricky Nance ricky.nance at weaubleau.k12.mo.us
Tue Jan 10 13:59:25 MST 2012

Might help if you could describe more of how you had your S3 server setup.
What kind of backend would be the very minimum to mention (more details the
better though). The groups didn't transfer from my ldap backend at first,
but I am 99% sure Amitay fixed that issue. Please also tell us what samba
--version reports.


On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 2:50 PM, Charles Tryon <charles.tryon at gmail.com>wrote:

>  After digging myself out from under an unfortunate number of other
> distractions, I have had a fair amount of success testing a migration of
> our Samba 3.0 based domain to a new Samba4 installation.
>  I have successfully brought up the server and a "snapshot" of one of our
> existing clients in a virtual environment and shown that the client will
> connect to the server as if it was the old domain.  Users and machines look
> like they have all been moved over, and my old client profile comes up
> correctly when I log in to my domain account on the virtualized client.
>  One thing that I noticed is that groups do NOT appear to have made the
> move.  Is this expected, or did I miss something?  It looks like I should
> be able to fairly easily script converting the existing /etc/groups file
> into the new Samba domain using the Samba-tool, but it would be nice if the
> IDs and such were able to make the transition.  (I *DO* know that there is
> a restriction where groups cannot have the same name as a user, which is
> different from the way many Linux distros manage users.)
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