Is NFSv4 dead ? Samba report from the SNIA SDC conference.

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Thu Sep 29 09:35:30 MDT 2011

As I mention in the blog post, the Samba Team has a long history of finding
clever and effective ways to innovate in a very narrow space, but you are
correct that many of the innovations that we implement do require support
from other vendors in order to become "real".

Oddly enough, Microsoft has expressed interest in helping build
communication channels we would need.  They're sponsoring a website for SMB2
extensions to Unix:

We just need to get some momentum built up in the community to use the site.

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yaberger at wrote:
> Very interesting blog, thanks for sharing.
> I'm quite happy to see new features being added to CIFS/SMB/SMB2 and
> implemented on the server side by the Samba Team.
> Unfortunately, not all CIFS/SMB/SMB2 clients are being updated to
> support them.
> An excellent example is this one (I'm not even sure of its current
> status but I've probably missed a status report somewhere).
> A few month ago, I've read this Samba XP 2010 presentation : Jeff Layton
> (Samba Team, RedHat): Multi-session Linux CIFS
> (
> This is very interesting but unfortunately, most Unix (non-Linux)
> operating systems are not implementing this.
> That would have been a wonderful way to access a remote filesystem
> through a single mountpoint with different users and accesses.
> NFSv4 seems to be one of the only way to achieve this for those platforms.
> Yannick Bergeron
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