Is NFSv4 dead ? Samba report from the SNIA SDC conference.

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Thu Sep 29 05:53:02 MDT 2011

Very interesting blog, thanks for sharing.

I'm quite happy to see new features being added to CIFS/SMB/SMB2 and 
implemented on the server side by the Samba Team.
Unfortunately, not all CIFS/SMB/SMB2 clients are being updated to support 

An excellent example is this one (I'm not even sure of its current status 
but I've probably missed a status report somewhere).
A few month ago, I've read this Samba XP 2010 presentation : Jeff Layton 
(Samba Team, RedHat): Multi-session Linux CIFS (
This is very interesting but unfortunately, most Unix (non-Linux) 
operating systems are not implementing this.
That would have been a wonderful way to access a remote filesystem through 
a single mountpoint with different users and accesses.
NFSv4 seems to be one of the only way to achieve this for those platforms.

Yannick Bergeron
Advisory IT Specialist

< Chris Hertel just wrote up a new Samba Team blog
< entry about the SNIA SDC conference here:
< It's a great read for people who weren't able to
< make it !
< Ping him at crh at if you have any questions
< about it.
< Cheers,
<       Jeremy.

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