Ubuntu server - samba and our windows apps

Max Schofield - PVCC / IT max.schofield at pvmail.maricopa.edu
Wed Sep 28 22:48:59 MDT 2011

Currently we have a win7 parallels setup on our x-serve (in a separate
secured building) for some of our admin tools (ghost console, deep freeze
console and rsat). 


We intend to bring those apps into our area for local admin. I need to know
a few things;


1.       Is it possible to run those apps on samba on a Ubuntu server

2.       If so, can you pint me in the right direction to get started - I
have installed Ubuntu desktop and many installs of Server 2003/8 so I don't
see problem there but my concern is how to run those apps in an AD
environment on the Ubuntu Server?


TIA for any and all advise, 


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