Share ZFS snapshots over Samba

Bodo Kaiser kyogron at
Thu Sep 29 10:54:44 MDT 2011


I and some other dudes from the FreeBSD Forum have a special problem.

We use Suns ZFS which allows to make easily snapshots on the Copy-on-Write

I use a script which makes daily snaps for 30 days. Now I would like to make
the read-only snaps available for the normal user via samba.


Unfortunatly the ZFS snapshots aren't easily to access. My ZFS pool is
mouted as storage/home under /usr/home.

In the subdir of /usr/home I find the .zfs dir which contains the snapshots.

I can access the snapdir /usr/home/.zfs/snapshot/<snapshot> over the shell
with every user. But when I want to try to access over a graphical
environment in this case samba. I always get problems because of the
permission (.zfs belongs to root:wheel).


My or our questions is now what to add to smb.conf to make
/usr/home/.zfs/snapshot available as extra samba share or as softlink in the
home dir.


For more Information you could read the original thread:


Regards, Bodo Kaiser

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